Kidkraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set and Table

Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train TableThe Kidkraft limited edition waterfall mountain train table is sure to be a hit with your kids no matter how old they are. This train table is recommended for ages three and up. It comes with a 120-piece train set and has two drawers in which to store any unused pieces.

You’ll have to assemble the Kidkraft wooden waterfall mountain train table and set yourself, but it’s not hard to put together. One person who reviewed it on did have a very hard time assembling it, but most said it was easy so if you have put toys together before, you can probably handle it.

Another problem mentioned in the reviews is that the roofs keep falling off the buildings. This is a minor issue that is easily fixed with a little wood glue.

The Kidkraft waterfall mountain train set and table comes with everything shown in the picture, including a police station, fire station, and hospital. There is a tunnel with a waterfall over it, a big red bridge, and even a helipad with a helicopter.

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3 Responses to “Kidkraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set and Table”

  1. My kids had a great train set when they were little. We got it from the Early Learning centre.

  2. I actually purchased one of these a few years during my kids’ Thomas The Tank Engine phase! I even recorded them several times using it!

  3. I’ve never had one of these before but I remember some of my friends having them when I was younger. Such a blast! I will definitely be purchasing for my kids! Thanks.